How Do I Make My Money Last?

The following hypothetical Success Story is representative. All clients are fictional and the story is used to illustrate the types of services Sailer Financial provides.


A number of our client relationships began as clients grappled with the decision to retire, and wanted expert consultation and assistance.

Carrie was considering an 'earlier-than-planned' retirement. Due to downsizing at her company, employees were offered early-retirement severance packages. Carrie was working with a financial advisor, but had never worked with a comprehensive planner. She wanted to take the severance package, but she was very concerned that she would have to go back to work when her severance benefits ended.

The Sailer Financial Approach

Our work with Carrie would involve a multiple step process.

  1. We would help Carrie clearly identify her goals and objectives. Through this process we will quantify her retirement needs.
  2. Together we would develop a comprehensive picture of her current financial situation.
  3. We would analyze and present several scenarios for retirement, including early retirement with the severance package or continuing to work for a few more years. We will test these alternate scenarios under multiple economic conditions.
  4. Through the Sailer Financial Retirement Income Maximizer™ we can determine the optimal time to begin social security and pension benefits in coordination with her income needs.
  5. Together we will design and implement the appropriate investment strategy and retirement income plan to support her goals.

Benefits of Working with Sailer Financial

Carrie has always been a strong saver, in part because she never knew what the future may bring. In this example, Sailer Financial demonstrated that her goals could be accomplished under a variety of scenarios, and none of which required returning to work. At Sailer Financial, many of our clients find the confidence they need to feel secure in their retirement decision.

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