How Do I Leave My Legacy?

The following hypothetical Success Story is representative. All clients are fictional and the story is used to illustrate the types of services Sailer Financial provides.


Clients at Sailer Financial are often interested in protecting assets for their loved ones or favorite charities, and transferring wealth in the most tax-efficient manner.

Tom and Julie are hypothetical long time clients of Sailer Financial. They accumulated a comfortable nest egg during their careers. They want to be sure it’s protected for their heirs, should something happen to them prematurely.

The Sailer Financial Approach

An important part of our ongoing work with clients in a similar situation is implementing a comprehensive estate plan. Sailer Financial assists in evaluating your potential estate tax liability, titling of assets, beneficiary designations, and more. We consult on numerous gifting strategies, review the advantages and disadvantages of lifetime and testamentary gifts, compare monetary gifts to gifting appreciated securities, and discuss several manners in which gifts can be made, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Private Foundations. All of this is done with the consultation of their personal estate planning attorney who drafts your final documents.

Benefits of Working with Sailer Financial

Our clients work with both their financial planners at Sailer Financial and their separate legal counsel to put together a comprehensive plan. There is a team of experts looking at the whole picture, rather than addressing just one item. Our clients take great comfort in knowing that should something happen to them, there is a support team in place to help with the transition of their finances to their survivors. Better yet, it is a support team that has already spent countless hours discussing and documenting their final wishes with them.

Sailer Financial does not prepare tax returns or draft legal documents.

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