Am I Investing Appropriately?

The following hypothetical Success Story is representative. All clients are fictional and the story is used to illustrate the types of services Sailer Financial provides.


Many clients come to Sailer Financial seeking professional money management and a roadmap of their financial future.

Daniel and Elizabeth are successful entrepreneurs in engineering and real estate sales, respectively. In their late thirties, and with three young children, they struggle to find time to manage their finances. Both earn a high income and know they should start saving more aggressively. Many families with similar circumstances seek professional investment management and tax-effective strategies at Sailer Financial.

The Sailer Financial Approach

As we do with all our clients, Daniel and Elizabeth would go through the Sailer Financial Navigator™ process. We outline their goals and develop a holistic picture of their financial situation. For them, we would initially narrow down the investment universe to several investment options that pertain to their particular circumstances, and then carefully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Together, we reach decisions and develop an investment strategy that complement their variable monthly income.

Additionally, they may be concerned about their burdensome tax bracket. We will coordinate with their accountant to get a clearer picture of their tax situation. We can implement tax-reduction strategies and deferred compensation plans that help reduce their current taxes and supplement their retirement plan. We maintain ongoing communication with their CPA throughout the year, because effective tax management requires planning more frequently than annually.

Benefits of Working with Sailer Financial

Sailer Financial works with your other trusted advisors so you benefit from coordinated team of experts, each bringing unique perspective. In this example, Daniel and Elizabeth also wanted help with their portfolio but were reluctant to just “turn over the keys”. At Sailer Financial, our clients find a team of consultants that sit on the same side of the table. Additionally, our clients can monitor their consolidated portfolio through our daily, web-based reporting and enjoy ongoing communication with the Sailer Financial team.

Sailer Financial does not prepare tax returns or draft legal documents.

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