Chart a Course to Financial Freedom

  • A complimentary Initial Consultation with one of our experienced team members is the first step in assessing your present financial situation and learning more about our services and proprietary tools. Everyone has a unique set of financial needs and concerns, and our customized approach allows us to help our clients make well-informed decisions.
  • As a new client, you will have a personalized, holistic financial plan designed just for you. The Sailer Financial Navigator™ is an in-depth process that considers all aspects of your financial life in order to help you set achievable goals. We conduct a series of meetings together with each new client and implement their course of action for investments, retirement planning, estate planning, education planning, insurance, and other financial concerns.
  • Sailer Financial has the flexibility to explore numerous investment choices on behalf of our clients. We offer a variety of investment strategies and an array of financial products tailored to your needs. Sailer Financial will partner with you to decide on the most appropriate combination of strategies to achieve financial independence.
  • The Sailer Financial Goal Tracker™ is the compass keeping you on course. The Sailer Financial team periodically analyzes your financial resources relative to your goals and considers prevailing economic and market conditions. We recognize that a financial plan is a process and that it is important to review with you any changes needed along the way to maintain your desired direction and timetable.
  • The Sailer Financial Retirement Income Maximizer™ helps you successfully transition from the wealth accumulation phase to the wealth preservation phase. Experience has taught us that the key to financial peace of mind is preserving your wealth throughout your retirement years. The Sailer Financial Retirement Income Maximizer™ is the process we go through with clients both starting or already in retirement. A key component is analyzing when and how to effectively draw social security and pension benefits. We view these income streams as asset classes that should be included in your portfolio allocation. For each client, we develop a unique allocation combined with the investment income generation and distribution strategies needed for your specific circumstances.

The firm and its advisors are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. All advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners and all are active members of the Financial Planning Association®.

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